Basement Remodeling - Ardsley, NY


Ardsley Residence, New York This residence is located on one of the hillsides of the Village of Ardsley, NY. Due to its site, the house is divided into several levels with each level having astonishing panoramic views of downtown Ardsley. The lower level of this residence was constructed with a bi-level open floor plan concept in mind, consisting of a mezzanine, sub-level, and even a lower level that walks out to a beautiful rear Japanese garden. With this in mind, we designed an architectural centerpiece – a see-through fireplace visible from the sub-floor, the lower floor areas as well as from the mezzanine. The mezzanine level was designed as a sanctuary for the homeowners to concentrate, play, and compose music. The modern furnished sub-level was designed as the living space where everyone gathers to watch movies and listen to music while enjoying the warmth and beauty of the fireplace. The lower level is accessible from both sides of the central fireplace by architecturally arched stairs, making this level both a recreational room and s library with 15-foot-high ceilings.


Project budget: $ 175,000