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The Exchange - Farmington, Connecticut


The unusual “Horse-Shoe” shape and complex geometry of the roof lines of this 1970’s 3-story office building, sitting on a beautifully landscaped site, posed a challenge to our design team when confronted with the Owner’s desire to completely restore the exterior building envelope and remodel the building in line with today’s technical standards, innovative aesthetic concepts and the latest energy conservation standards.  The entire exterior façade of the building is being renovated with a top band of 5-foot-high waved prefabricated panels all around the perimeter of the building.  The curved panels are illuminated with a recessed LED lighting strip, casting a soft indirect glow on the lower levels of the building.  The two main building entrances are being highlighted with free standing aluminum and glass sculptural canopies, providing protection from the elements and at the same time acting as illuminated landmarks. The next phase will encompass partial remodeling of the interior hallways, lobbies and other common spaces adjoining the three restaurants and delis located throughout the building. 


Project budget: $ 4.7 Million  -  Project size: 350,000 Square Feet

Project site: 15 Acres


Bendett & McHugh - Farmington, Connecticut


In 2016, we were commissioned to design a new office space for Bendett & McHugh, a prominent Connecticut Law Firm with approximately 280 employees. The Law Firm wanted to combine their existing first floor office space with additional second floor offices immediately above. This required a vertical connection between the two suites by means of a new monumental staircase. The main goal of this modern steel frame and concrete staircase, besides connecting the two levels, was to become the focal feature of the Firm's lobby and reception area. The existing structure of this office building has unusually exposed wood post and beam trusses. It was a real design challenge for us to incorporate these structural elements into the daily function of a working and functional law firm. The goal was to complete the project within a very strict time frame per the client's request which was achieved thanks to the successful collaboration between our Firm, Building Management, the Contractor, and various Structural & Mechanical Consultants.

Project budget: $ 1 Million  -  Project size: 26,000 square feet 


Fashion Studio - Manhattan, New York


We were approached by renowned Fashion Designer Zang Toi, graduate of the famed Parsons School of Design to design his Manhattan showroom space, occupying the entire 20th floor of 18 East 48th Street. The House of Toi Fashion Studio was designed with an open floor layout, equipped with a showroom and a “James Bond” room where the modeling of Toi’s designs take place before making their way  to the runway of New York City Fashion Show. This room is furnished with floor to ceiling mirrors, ample direct and directional lighting and polished concrete floors. In addition to these rooms, there is a seamstress and production area in the back and a several changing rooms for the fashion models.  


Project budget: $ 450,000  -  Project size: 3,600 Square Feet


Commercial Office Space - Manhattan, New York


This 12 story commercial loft building owned by M. Rapaport Co., Inc is located in the heart of Midtown South, on the border of Manhattan’s Chelsea and Flatiron Districts on West 22nd street. Our firm was given the opportunity to design this very unique commercial penthouse occupying the entire 12th floor with light and views on all exposures and a large private sky terrace with dramatic NYC skyline views. We designed the entire space by refinishing all hardwood floors, exposing the concrete ceilings, added executive offices at the perimeter with floor to ceiling tempered safety glass partitions. In addition, this office space is oriented towards an open floor concept gravitating around a central conference room with full glass enclosure that is naturally lit by a grandiose 24-foot skylight. The roof terrace is accessed through a metal spiral staircase cut into a 14 foot bulkhead with transom windows all around which brings more light into the office space.


Project budget: $ 850,000   -  Project size: 7,000 Square Feet

Professional Office Layout - White Plains, New York


This professional office space was designed with an open floor plan concept in mind.  Even though the conference room and offices are on the perimeter of the building, we installed a transom above the door of the office and a full height glass partition in the conference room to allow natural light into the design stations and circulation area.  The transparency of the space, free-flowing circulation and lack of partitions make this space unique and comfortable to work in for long hours.  We were able to incorporate a comfortable staff room, copy and printing area and state of the art conference room equipped with all types of IT and multimedia systems in the space.


Project budget: $ 95,000 - Project Site: 1,000 Square Feet


Shechter Care & Rehabilitation Center - Manhattan, New York


Our firm was commissioned to design this progressive rehabilitation center for post-surgery patients with breast cancer, trauma and orthopedic surgical complications. The facility consists of various consultation and examination rooms as well as (5) specialized therapy rooms and a physical therapy gymnasium. Client’s guidelines required a simple modern layout with ample use of floor to ceiling frosted glazing panels for privacy while allowing natural light to infiltrate the inner sections of the space.


Project budget: $ 225,000  -  Project size: 2,500 Square Feet


Medical & Physical Therapy Center - Manhattan, New York


We designed a state of the art medical & physical therapy facility in a high-rise building in the heart of Manhattan for New York Sports Medicine Associates. We custom designed every aspect of this facility including the circular reception desk area, exposed structural concrete ceiling and mechanical ductwork to achieve a mixture of an elegant modern industrial look with a touch of retro.  


Project budget: $ 250,000 -  Project size: 2,000 Square Feet



Pizzeria & Restaurant - Yonkers, NY


We were hired to transform this existing retail space into a modern brick oven pizzeria and restaurant in the Yonkers Cross County Shopping Center, one of the best known shopping malls in Westchester, New York. On the exterior, a combination of face brick and stucco frame the aluminum storefront panels. The open floor layout, variations in the ceiling configuration, custom designed lighting, and meticulous choice of materials contribute to the creation of an attractive, warm, and family-oriented environment. In addition to the Architectural work and interior design, our firm also specified and detailed fire alarm, sprinkler system, and state of the art HVAC and ventilation system for the entire project. 


Project budget: $ 475,000   -   Project size: 2,500 Square Feet


Footwear Store - Yonkers, NY 


The shopping center management challenged our firm to transform this vacant and outdated space into a new and modern footwear store. The first task at hand was to redesign the storefront with a light travertine marble fade and frameless glass panels. The frameless front entrance doors are very modern and attractive with stainless steel hardware and door pulls. The various ceiling heights and differing patterns in the flooring materials are designed to guide the shopper through the space and to create a more fluid and dynamic perception of the interior spaces.

                    Project budget: $ 350,000   -   Project size: 3,000 Square Feet


Sarakhs Industrial Free Zone


This 20-year project on the border of Turkmenistan was designed in conjunction with a Middle Eastern Architectural and Engineering consulting group.  The site of approximately 5,200 hectares encompasses several different zoning districts, including light industrial, heavy industry sites, warehousing facilities, distribution centers as well as corporate office facilities, insurance facilities, banking facilities, state of the art shopping centers, fully covered mall with (12) restaurants and multi-family and single family residential villas for approximately 120,000 residents.  A beautiful 17-hectare park and man-made lake with annexed outdoor and sports facilities, bicycling and hiking trails have been designed right at the core of this new city.  In addition, a new airport has been completed 5 years ago with national and international flights to neighboring countries.  New customs facilities have been designed to adequately serve the trade flow and new state of the art railroad facilities are now connecting this new town to the rest of the world. 


We are particularly proud of the space frame designed as the “Gateway” to the city – 360 feet long by 60 feet wide, supported by tension cables anchored to (4) 90-foot-high pilasters on each side of the structure.


The Tennis Channel - Manhattan, New York


This nationally recognized 24-hour television-based multimedia station is dedicated to the professional sport and passionate lifestyle of tennis.  With their main corporate facilities based in Santa Monica, California, the Tennis Channel approached us to provide design and construction management services for their East Coast headquarters based in Manhattan. 


In addition to the recording studios for the celebrities and athletes, we were able to provide them with a total of (12) upper and lower management offices, open clerical spaces, staff room, copy room and state of the art conference center entirely partitioned with frameless glass panels to provide full transparency at the core of the space.  A particular emphasis was devoted to the details, color schemes and interior decoration incorporating multimedia screens in the reception and waiting room areas.



Project budget: $ 435,000  -  Project size: 4,800 Square Feet


Art Gallery - White Plains, NY


This unusually shaped, long and narrow two-story space in downtown White Plains posed a definite challenge for the design of a modern art gallery.  We kept the lines as pure and pristine as possible with little visual impediments from front to back of the space in order to emphasize the art exhibits.  The color scheme, simple hard wood floors, open flow and feel of the spaces, exposed ductwork and HVAC system all contributed to create a simple minimalistic Architectural composition conducive to a contemplative enjoyment of the arts.      


Project budget: $ 225,000 - Project size: 4,200 square feet


Insurance Center - White Plains, NY


This recently completed White Plains building houses some of the major national car insurance adjustment companies, the City’s largest auto body shop as well as a gym and other miscellaneous businesses.  With a prefabricated steel structure, precast engineered floors and decorative split-faced concrete block walls at the perimeter, the whole building was completed within (8) months.   


Our firm was involved with this project from the start. We provided our client with zoning analysis, Planning Board submittals and approvals, site plan and site drainage calculations, landscape design services as well as construction drawings, specifications, submittal and coordination to obtain all Building Department permits. 


Project budget: $ 1.7 Million  -  Project site: 11,875 Square Feet


Minsk Project - Belarus 


A cluster of (50) food industry related companies approached our firm in a joint venture with our overseas consultants to provide them with site development and conceptual drawings for this Transportation Logistical Center and for improving management of the food processing industry throughout the country.  The consortium plans to build a new business unit providing comprehensive logistic services with an overall warehouse capacity of 45,000 square meters. It would include off-loading and order-picking, secure storage, additional filing and labeling of goods, distribution and delivery. A land permit has already been secured for the project.


Guarded parking areas, repair shops, gas station and a car wash will provide services to trucks and their drivers utilizing these facilities.  A hotel, comfort stations with showers, central shopping center, public health clinic as well as sports facilities are being planned as additional services offered by this international Logistical Center.


Project budget: $ 52.6 Million  -  Project site: 200,000 Square Meters


Rudy's Sport & Entertainment Restaurant - Hartsdale, NY


This recently completed project is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and interesting restaurants, sports bars and entertainment establishments in Westchester, NY. With a 1,200 square foot state of the art kitchen and another 4,300 square feet dedicated to the bar, cabaret and seating areas, this restaurant has an overall occupancy capacity of over 270. Beautiful brick face columns interspersed with wood paneling adorn the interior walls. Varying elevations accessible through ramps and platforms at different levels and the diversity of flooring materials make the overall perception of the space quite unique, inviting, and warm. With two separate banquet rooms for private receptions, a movable stage for live music and performances, and a seating capacity of approximately 170 in the main dining area and the banquet rooms, this establishment can house a wide variety of social events under the same roof. The 70-foot-long curvilinear bar on a raised platform represents the focal point and an unusual design statement for the entire space. 

                    Project budget: $ 875,000   -   Project size: 6,500 Square Feet



Metro Deli & Catering establishment - Scarsdale, New York


This Greek tavern has two different locations in Scarsdale, New York. The main restaurant is located at one of the busiest and most prestigious intersections in town. With a seating capacity of approximately 50 people, this facility operates both as a restaurant and an extremely busy catering and take-out facility. In line with the owner’s vision, the choice of materials, finishing, moldings, trims, and paneling are more traditional in design. Originally completed in 2005, we were subsequently retained by the same owners to design a dessert and ice cream parlor immediately adjacent to the original restaurant.          


Project budget: $ 350,000 - Project size: 2,200 Square Feet



March of Dimes - White Plains, NY


This National non-profit organization, headquartered in White Plains, NY, was originally founded by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt and is dedicated to improving the health of mothers and babies. We have been the Architects of Record for this prestigious organization for almost two decades as consultants and coordinators for all their design, remodeling and restoration requirements.  We have completed many different projects for them including but not limited to a complete remodeling of their main lobby and reception areas, offices, and conference room facilities for National and International visitors and consultation for MEP adjustments and upgrades.

Project size: 165,000 Square Feet   


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