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Minsk Belarus Project
Minsk Belarus Project



A cluster of (50) food industry related companies approached our firm in a joint venture with our overseas consultants to provide them with site development and conceptual drawings for this Transportation Logistical Center and for improving management of the food processing industry throughout the country.  The consortium plans to build a new business unit providing comprehensive logistic services with an overall warehouse capacity of 45,000 square meters. It would include off-loading and order-picking, secure storage, additional filing and labeling of goods, distribution and delivery. A land permit has already been secured for the project.


Guarded parking areas, repair shops, gas station and a car wash will provide services to trucks and their drivers utilizing these facilities.  A hotel, comfort stations with showers, central shopping center, public health clinic as well as sports facilities are being planned as additional services offered by this international Logistical Center.


Project budget: $ 52.6 Million  -  Project site: 200,000 square meters


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