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Max Parangi R.A.


Max Parangi received his education at the University of Florence in Italy. His studies there gave him the necessary tools to become a prominent architect whose work is sought after for restoration projects, commercial buildings and residences. After earning a doctoral degree in architecture from the University of Florence, he went on to do his post-doctoral research in Urban Design and Urban Planning at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Parangi’s work reflects his devotion to the beauty of classical and neoclassical forms, with his structures following very natural lines, whether he is painting, sculpting or designing a building.

Prior to founding Max Parangi Architects, P.C., Mr. Parangi honed his skills as a project designer and project architect for major architectural firms in New York City. In these roles, his design ability and creativity have been proven through his contribution to a variety of projects, from hotels to schools, office buildings, private residences and institutional facilities.

Within the firm Mr. Parangi has been personally involved with initial programming, planning and all design phases of many nationally and internationally recognized projects. He has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and South America, collaborating and maintaining close relationships with several active and dynamic internationally known architectural firms. 

Parangi is renown for his talent in planning interior spaces and Max Parangi Architects, P.C. has become a respected name in the field of architecture for designing innovative and distinctive new projects as well as for renovating and rehabilitating existing buildings.

Max Parangi is a Registered Architect in the States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and holds a certificate from the National Council of Architectural Registration Board in Washington D.C

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