Rudy's Sport & Entertainment Restaurant - Scarsdale, NY


This recently completed project is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and interesting restaurants, sports bars and entertainment establishments in Westchester, NY. With a 1,200 square foot state of the art kitchen and another 4,300 square feet dedicated to the bar, cabaret and seating areas, this restaurant has an overall occupancy capacity of over 270. Beautiful brick face columns interspersed with wood paneling adorn the interior walls. Varying elevations accessible through ramps and platforms at different levels and the diversity of flooring materials make the overall perception of the space quite unique, inviting, and warm. With two separate banquet rooms for private receptions, a movable stage for live music and performances, and a seating capacity of approximately 170 in the main dining area and the banquet rooms, this establishment can house a wide variety of social events under the same roof. The 70-foot-long curvilinear bar on a raised platform represents the focal point and an unusual design statement for the entire space. 


Project budget: $ 875,000  -  Project size: 6,500 square feet