Sarakhs Industrial Free Zone


This 20-year project on the border of Turkmenistan was designed in conjunction with a Middle Eastern Architectural and Engineering consulting group.  The site of approximately 5,200 hectares encompasses several different zoning districts, including light industrial, heavy industry sites, warehousing facilities, distribution centers as well as corporate office facilities, insurance facilities, banking facilities, state of the art shopping centers, fully covered mall with (12) restaurants and multi-family and single family residential villas for approximately 120,000 residents.  A beautiful 17-hectare park and man-made lake with annexed outdoor and sports facilities, bicycling and hiking trails have been designed right at the core of this new city.  In addition, a new airport has been completed 5 years ago with national and international flights to neighboring countries.  New customs facilities have been designed to adequately serve the trade flow and new state of the art railroad facilities are now connecting this new town to the rest of the world. 


We are particularly proud of the space frame designed as the “Gateway” to the city – 360 feet long by 60 feet wide, supported by tension cables anchored to (4) 90-foot-high pilasters on each side of the structure.