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The Exchange – Farmington, Connecticut


 The unusual “Horse-Shoe” shape and complex geometry of the roof lines of this 1970’s, 3-story office building, sitting on a beautifully landscaped site, posed a challenge to our design team when confronted with the owner’s desire to completely restore the exterior building envelope and remodel the building in line with today’s technical standards, innovative aesthetic concepts and the latest energy conservation standards.  The entire exterior façade of the building is being renovated with a top band of 5-foot-high waved prefabricated panels all around the perimeter of the building.  The curved panels are illuminated with a recessed LED lighting strip, casting a soft indirect glow on the lower levels of the building.  The two main building entrances are being highlighted with free standing aluminum and glass sculptural canopies, providing protection from the elements and at the same time acting as illuminated landmarks. The next phase will encompass partial remodeling of the interior hallways, lobbies and other common spaces adjoining the three restaurants and delis located throughout the building. 


Project budget: $ 4.7 Million  -  Project size: 350,000 square feet  -  Project site: 15 Acres 


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